Arundel Cemeteries...



Arundel has 46 family burial grounds that are catalogued here. The site has been set up so that you may search by the name of the cemetery, the name of the individual buried, or, if they were a veteran, you may pull up this list separately. Please be aware that all of the sites are on private property, so ask permission of the property owner prior to visiting the burial grounds. In the right sidebar you will find a link to a map with the approximate location of each cemetery.


Each cemetery contains, along with a list of the names of those buried there, dates of birth/death, age at death, veteran status, and tombstone or marker inscriptions and condition, if known. General identifying information about each cemetery and its condition is also included.  Click on the cemetery name to access this information.


Andrews     Anonymous     Anonymous

Bickford-Patten     Boston     Burnham-Berry-Libby     Buzzell

Chapman     Colman-Coleman-Hutchins-Patten-Curtice-Wiswall
Crediford-Cooper-Garland-Merrill     Curtis-Bracey     Cutts-Corliss

Davis-Proctor     Day     Dorman     Dow     Downing
Downing-Dawson-Gunning-Pike     Durell

Garrison     Gowen-Tarbox     Gray     Green

Hanscom     Huff-Johnson-Murphy-Perkin

Kimball     Kimball Hill

Leach     Lord (Abraham)     Lord (Asa)     Lunt


Nason     Nason (Calantha)


Tapley-Colman-Coleman-Tarbox     Taylor-Curtis-Storer 
Thompson-Lord-Smith     Thompson-Patten-Stone
Thompson-Sutton     Thompson-Walker     Towne

Wakefield     Waterhouse-Blaisdell