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The Planning Board is made up of seven members.  The Board is responsible for reviewing applications for land subdivisions, multifamily developments and conditional uses as required by the Land Use Ordinance.  The Board is also responsible for the preparation of amendments to the Land Use Ordinance. 
The Board's regular meetings are scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays of each month, beginning on January 5, 2021.  The Board will also hold special meetings to conduct site visits of proposed projects or to investigate land use and development issues.
All applications for approval of subdivisions and conditional use approvals must be submitted to the Planning Office. The deadline for submissions of applications and other materials for the Arundel Planning Board is 14 days before the scheduled meeting. Applications will not be placed on the Planning Board agenda until they are deemed complete by the Town Planner.
The first meeting of the month is for the review of development applications and the second meeting of the month is for the Board to work on land use ordinance amendments and implementation of the comprehensive plan. The Board may call special meetings at other times to expedite ordinance revisions and land use policy. 
Application forms for subdivision approval and conditional use approval may be downloaded from this website using the sidebars on the right.
The agenda for the Planning Board's meeting is prepared 4-7 days in advance of the meeting.  Click here to automatically receive a copy of the agenda by email.

PLANNING BOARD BYLAWSprocedures and rules of the Board
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See the Town Calendar for specific meeting schedules

Planning Board Members:
Richard Ganong, Chair
Susan Roth, Vice Chair
Paul Green, Secretary
Tom McGinn
Martin Cain
James Lowery     
Zachary Shapiro