(Title 36, M.R.S.A. Sections 1101-1121 as amended by PL 195,c.603)
Farm land under this statute means any tract or tracts of land, which farming or agricultural activities take place which produce an income.  Valuation is based on current use based on the value as agricultural land, not as developable land.  The values are guided by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources.
Eligibility Requirements as Farmland:
  1. Must have at least 5 contiguous acres
  2. Must produce a gross income of at least $2,000 per year in one of the 2, or 3 of the 5 year, calendar years preceding the date of application for classification.
  3. Must apply to the Assessor on or before April 1st of the year that classification is requested.
  4. Must file an income report by April 1st of each fifth year.
Any change in use from either farmland or open space results in a penalty.