Tree Growth...

Tree Growth (Title 36, M.R.S.A. Sections 571-584A PL 1995,c.236 amd)
As a matter of public policy , the State of Maine has set up a tree Growth category of property which values land according to productivity value rather than the market value.  Below are eligibility requirements. 
To apply, a landowner must:
  1. have at least 10 acres in forest production
  2. have a forest management and harvest plan prepared by a licensed Professional Forester
  3. file an application with the Assessor prior to on April 1st in the year for which classification is requested
Once the application is accepted into the program, any change in use is subjected to a withdrawal penalty.  For an application or a copy of the tax bulletin which explains in detail the program please click on the link below or contact the Assessor's office.