Municipal Building Committee...

Established in early 2009, this committee was charged with reviewing the condition and suitability of the current Town Hall and, if found inadequate, proceed with recommendations for design and location of a new facility.
MISSION STATEMENT:  Our mission is to provide input and assistance to the Selectmen in the design, construction and completion of a new town office building.  The committee will participate in the process from the early stages of design to the opening of the facility.
VISION STATEMENT:  Our vision is that the new town office building will meet the current and future needs of the municipal staff and the Arundel community by providing a functional, practical, efficient and economical facility which the citizens of Arundel will be proud to call their new town office.
Committee Members:
Jack Turcotte, Chair
Steve Dalzell
Robert Pelletier
Ethan Davis
Bob Mills
Richard Fitzmorris
Adam Goulette
Tom McGinn
Rob Ingwerson
Joe Simard
Jack Reetz
John Bell