Frequently Asked Questions...


Q. Are there any other exemptions or programs that I may apply for?

A. Yes, there are Veteran exemptions and blind exemptions available. 

Also there is the Maine Property Tax Refund Program.  Unlike the above exemptions that are seen directly on your tax bill, this program allows you to apply to the State of Maine for a refund on property taxes.  The eligibility requirements are based on income and the amount of property taxes that have been assessed.  Applications are usually available beginning in August and you must apply by the end of December.  This program was once known as the Circuit Breaker Program.  Please see for more information.


Q. What is the Homestead Exemption and am I receiving it on my real estate bill?

A.     The Homestead Exemption is a form of property tax relief for property owners in Maine. The exemption amount is $10,000 times the certified ratio for all qualifying individuals.  The exemption is subtracted from the local assessment of your property.  To determine whether you are receiving this or any other exemption, you will notice on the right hand side of your tax bill, a line labeled Exemption Value.  This will indicate the amount of the exemption that you are receiving.



Q. Why is the prior owner's name still on my tax bill?

A.  Per State Law, taxes are assessed to the owner of  record as of April 1st. 



Q. What period does the tax bill cover?

A.  The tax bill covers July 1st through June 30th.  The tax bill is based on the assessment date of April 1st.



Q. I sold my property and the taxes were prorated at the time of the closing, why did I receive the entire bill?

A.  If you were the owner of the property as of April 1st, you will receive the current year tax bill. If you sold the    property after April 1st, please forward the tax bill to the new owner.  Proration of taxes between the buyer and seller does not involve the town.  Often times monies are collected for taxes at the time of the closing and appear on the closing statement but they are not actually paid to the municipality.



Q. Will the town mail my tax bill to my mortgage company?

A.   No, Tax bills are mailed to the property owner.  We suggest that you mail a copy of the tax bill to your mortgage company the month prior to taxes being due.